In 1911, the founder of CHUN KHONG (CK), Mr. Lam Yoon, at twenty-one (21) years old, came to Malaysia to seek better employment opportunities. Sixteen (16) years later and after saving enough money, he left his job in Wearne Brother as Head Black Smith in 1927 and started CK making luggage carriages for motor cars, parts for steam engines and low speed diesel engines.

In 1951, CK started making gravel pumps and water pumps for the tin mining industry. In 1961, the Company successfully rectified the faults and defects of vertical GM Detroit Diesel V71 engines built by Steward & Stevenson of the United States of America. Shortly after, we took over the complete verticalisation of the V71 engines which included verticalisation of bare engines, supply reduction gearboxes, coolant and lubrication oil systems, etc., for tin mining use in Malaysia.

In 1970, we started our Tractors Maintenance Department and began to develop and widen the range of water pumps and solids and slurry handling pumps. During that period, rather than too heavily relying on the tin mining industry, new range of pumps was designed to suit the Palm Oil Milling processes. MTP.. Pump Series for the Palm Oil Mills has since proven its sound engineering design and reliability, and is now the most used pump series in the mills in Malaysia. In the 70's, our foundry and factories were upgraded with new types of furnaces, moulding machines, conveyor line, sand bin, muller, CO2 sand mixer, etc.
In the 80's and 90's, we further improved both our copyrighted designs and material types of different series of water and solids handling pumps to the standards of ISO 2858. To date, we boast a total of not less than two hundred (200) different types and models of pumps in production. During the same period, all facilities were gradually upgraded including the installation of eletric furnaces. After miraculously surviving both domestic and global recessions of different scales, CK is determined to strive on to propel to its new heights in the new millennium.

In moving forward, pump technology and manufacturing wise, with the generous help and support of a M&E consultant engineer in designing, constructing and implementing, CK built the first ISO Standard pump testing facility in Malaysia which is commercially accessible by any interested pump using party who has the requirement to verify specific performance of both vertical and horizontal centrifugal pumps.

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